"It's not about products, but memories. It's not about dresses but stories. It's not about us but you; unique. Welcome to our Universe

It's late 2016, and after having worked in the fashion industry for over a five-year period, Gloria Lladó, eikō ai co-founder, decides to move on and create her own brand. Influenced by Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail, she begins to design kimono-like dresses with unique and delicate prints.

Glo Lladó

Glo wearing one of her first creations

A year and a half later, Burak Ay joins the brand as a strategic partner. With his expertise in fabric development and garment production, the brand grew its offering. Around that time, Albert Amor, Gloria's longtime partner, joins the company bringing his experience in the digital world. Applying some of the processes and tools he used while designing software, the brand quickly strengthens its digital presence.

It's late 2018 and the brand it's officially set up. A new brand image is created, and the logotype was revamped to reflect the importance of the three partners. eikō [栄光] —the Japanese phonetic translation for Gloria— includes now the particle 'ai'[愛] —meaning 'Amor'— paying tribute to the surname of both partners. eikō ai is created.

Logo evolution

Logotype evolution

February 2020 marked our first-ever public show, in where we presented 'Quantum One' during Barcelona's Fashion Week. The collection —inspired in the cosmos and the energy— clearly showed the brand's personality; rich and subtle color palettes mixed with transparencies and bold fabrics.

Quantum One: Our first public appearance

"Our inspiration comes from the colors of the light, the analog warmth, and fantastic stories. Our universe is inclusive, cosmopolite, sensual and magic.

Shortly after Corona struck, we shifted our priorities and decided to grow our online presence. While in lock-down we had to come up with a new way to show our products, so we introduced our interactive avatars —digital ambassadors with their own personality. We revamped our website and digitally presented our second collection "Land Vibration" as a tribute to Nature.

Land Vibration Backstage

2021 has already arrived and we have now completed our latest show, Blooming Earth and moved to our new showroom in Barcelona. Expanding our in-house team and collaborators and strengthening our distribution of our limited-edition and locally-made collections through multi-stores are some of the things we are currently focusing on. We are constantly searching for inspiration and always growing our #eikoaiuniverse