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Why does the Lotta Kimono bring so many compliments?

Innovative Elegance

Designed to flatter a range of sizes and body types. The V-collar draws attention to your neckline, while the kimono sleeves add an element of grace. The strategically placed slit in the central skirt part adds a touch of allure, playing with the right suggestion.

Effortles Comfort

Why sacrifice comfort for style when you can have both? The delicate 100% micro jacquard Viscose feels gentle against your skin, while the relaxed fit allows you to move freely and confidently. You'll feel as good as you look.

Timeless Appeal

The Lotta Kimono transcends trends and stands the test of time. Its timeless design ensures it will remain a go-to option in your wardrobe for years.

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217 verified 5 star reviews from our customers

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Suzan R.

Beautiful Quality! The fabric is so soft and I absolutely love the fit! Everything I hoped for!

Manon M.

The dress is gorgeous! I am delighted with my order! The dress is very beautiful and of very good quality and the team was responsive to my requests regarding deadlines.

Helen W

The dress is so easy to wear- with flat sandals, heels and even boots. Another perfect eikō ai catch that I will wear for a long time! 

Totally recommend buying this- you won’t regret it.


“I always struggled to find sophisticated, high-quality looks that were not way too expensive”

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